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Rough Draft is Done! (so now what?)

I'm happy to announce that I completed the Rough Draft of This Falling Eden today. This finished draft of my second novel took just over a year, having begun last June. Some early parts of the novel had originally been written in 2012 and 2013. When I decided to pick up the project again last summer I still felt very good about this book. Praise the Lord! I'm glad I finished it.

This novel is longer than Caffeine and can be converted into a trilogy, if publishers prefer it that way. As a natural part of the writing process, there is a lot that fell into place late in the book that needs to be worked back into the earlier chapters, including a few entirely new scenes. It was the same when I wrote Caffeine. As I prepare to start editing This Falling Eden into an official First Draft I'll be working on its blurb: that little paragraph on the back of the book or on the webpage that tells you what the story is about. I've done some work but it's proven tough to nail down, LOL. I'm also working on an unoffical cover.

I expect the official First Draft to take about six months. When Part One (the first ten chapters) is completed I'll send it out to test readers so they can give me feedback and help me find pesky typos. Just this year I joined American Christian Fiction Writers so I can connect with fellow authors and expand my pool of test readers. Gotta have 'em.

Then comes the Second Draft and the Third Draft and the form rejection letters. When will This Falling Eden go on sale? Don't hold your breath. No sense rushing these things.


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