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Picture taken with built-in camera

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas. I'm typing this on my new HTC G2 which means, yes, your humble webmaster has joined the smartphone revolution. As I name all my computers after their processor speeds (EG750 = laptop, EG2400 = main desktop), this mini-computer-which-also-does-phone-stuff shall officially be the EG800.

This phone is essentially a replacement for my failing PDA, out of service since February. Moreso than the old Sharp Wizard, though, this thing is expandable. As I'd commented on the BT2010 Page , Google Maps would've come in handy. Now I got it. Mwu ha ha ha ha ha...

I'm still browsing for what apps I should install in this thing. "Angry Birds" is a popular game suggestion. I'm also aiming to use it as an e-book reader, which will help me test new releases of Caffeine .

Lest you think otherwise, money is still tight. *darn college loans* There's a reason I got this so close to Christmas. I also got a cheap data plan, because Wi-Fi grows on trees and money doesn't. :)

Typing all that on a tiny keyboard was hard. I think I'll stick to the laptop for typing novels.


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