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Update on This Falling Eden

This Falling Eden

Last week I completed the all-important "official first draft" for This Falling Eden. The first book of the trilogy clocks in at 84,000 words right now. That number should go down a bit in later drafts. Just like Caffeine, this first editing phase was brutal... about 95% rewrite. My move to Orlando also happened right in the middle of it, so there was that delay.

This Falling Eden is now available to test readers. A new synopsis will be needed for it, since the one I have is for the trilogy (originally a single book). After a three month break to work on the Audio/Video Component Archive, I'll do some necessary revisions to This Falling Sea and This Falling Tower, the two later books, but they'll stay in their "rough" drafts for now. My sanity depends on that. ha ha

By the end of the year I hope to be working on the Second Draft of This Falling Eden, an editing process which should take far less time. At that point I'll focus exclusively on Eden, until it's ready to show to publishers. In the meantime, I'll be getting back into book clubs and conventions - once the social distancing is over, anyway.


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