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Audio/Video Component Archive

This month marks 20 years since I launched the Audio/Video Component Archive , a database of HiFi Stereo Components I started when I was in high school, collecting old catalogs and looking to make my mark on this new thing called "the internet." The AVCA was the first feature of my website, months before I even had (This 20 year celebration is my warm up for a bigger one in January.)

The AVCA went on to become the most heavily trafficked section of the website, the first part of it to use PHP and SQL, and the only part to generate income through ads. For this milestone, with all the extra time at home due to the pandemic, I've done a lot of recoding and added new features . My database was already wayyyy ahead of the competition but now it's clear over the horizon. It can always use more listings, though.

As for the HiFi gear I've actually owned in the last two decades, it's really just been what I bought as a teenager or got second-hand later on. Only now, with the student loans paid off, am I in a position to buy a proper setup including - gasp - my first Blu-ray player. However... the HiFi marketplace has contracted somewhat since I was in high school. Pioneer's recent withdrawl from DVD/Blu-ray was a surprise to me, and a sign that - apart from multichannel receivers and some overpriced audiophile gear - the party's over. Since I want to buy new I'm leaning toward Sony's Blu-ray Players and an amp from Denon. Both will need to be shipped of course. If I had a time machine I could march into one of a dozen Electronics stores and go on an in-person shopping spree the way God intended. ;)

With the mainstream HiFi market all but gone, I'll put in entries for the 2020 model year and then... no later. There's plenty for me to do between 1976 and the present already, "from Beta to Blu-ray" (yeah, I'll keep that slogan). With covered players disappearing from the market we can argue that Blu-ray and, with it, mass-market physical media, has run its course. But they have a long future in thrift shops and on eBay. So my little database should remain useful, and those eBay ads should remain helpful.

Click here to check out the improved Audio/Video Component Archive . And, as always, feedback is welcome.

From the "Kenwood Car Audio Archive" page, circa 2001


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