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Mark II, Year I

It's almost been a year now since the Audio/Video Component Archive returned to EG. I changed some of its rules, tweaked the format, and threw random snippets of downtime at building it up again. The results are very good and, importantly, web traffic is back up.

Besides adding new data (the old electronics catalogs bought from eBay were very helpful), I've been altering most of the listings to fit the new format. The number of "improved" listings has just reached 1,000 (out of 1,287). The new MKII format is more consistent and less crowded. It's also easier to link to my pages, which many users are doing, though I still need to improve the search features.

Work on the AVCA will continue next month. I plan to return to my old Kenwood-bias, set aside this year to work on Sony, Pioneer, etc listings, simply because Kenwood is the easiest brand to work with. Their's is the only company website to offer old PDF manuals and I'm concerned that won't last forever, so I've made it a goal to complete my Kenwood coverage early next year.

Comments? Suggestions? Have info to add or an old catalog to donate? Lemme know.


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