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What I'm Reading

Good writers are also good readers. Here you'll find a list of my favorite novels. (If only I could put more Christian novels here, but then it's the lack of Christian fiction I enjoy that drives me to write my own.)

My Top 15 Favorite Novels, updated July 2022:

#1Spin 2005Robert Charles Wilson
#2The Diamond Age 1995Neal Stephenson
#3Nineteen Eighty-Four 1949George Orwell
#4The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August 2014Claire North
#5New York Trilogy, The 1987Paul Auster
#6Snow Crash 1992Neal Stephenson
#7Atlas Shrugged 1957Ayn Rand
#8Just a Couple of Days 2001Tony Vigorito
#9Remembrance of Earth's Past 2000s seriesCixin Liu
#10This Perfect Day 1970Ira Levin
#11We All Fall Down 2006Brian Caldwell
#12The Plague 1947Albert Camus
#13Animal Farm 1945George Orwell
#14Dragon DelaSangre 2000s seriesAlan F Troop
#15Legend of Drizzt 2000s seriesR.A. Salvatore

A more complete list of what I've read, and what I'm getting to, is available on my GoodReads page .

Other books that have made the list since 2009:

peaked #6Kitty Norville 2000s seriesCarrie Vaughn
peaked #9Fahreinheit 451 1953Ray Bradbury
peaked #10Demon 2007Tosca Lee
peaked #11A Clockwork Orange 1962Anthony Burgess
peaked #12Dragons in Our Midst 2000s seriesBryan Davis

The list is heavily Sci-Fi/ Fantasy. Good worldbuilding, filtered through the experiences of unique characters, is paramount to my enjoyment of a novel. If your setting is a real place in the real world... I'd rather read a good history book about the place. I often use TV Tropes to discover a lot of new work - based on their plots and the elements of the story. Sometimes I'll see what's won awards. I've also read a lot from book clubs (such as The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August). I'd like to read more free e-books. The time for that, for now, is going to the work on Critique Circle .

What I'm Watching

While I'm at it, in 2022, I'll update my list of favorite TV shows. Many of my tastes in novels also apply here. I'm watching fewer of them than I used to, so this list doesn't change as often.

My Top 15 Favorite TV Shows, updated July 2022:

#1 Stargate SG-1
#2 Sliders
#3 Futurama
#4 Black Mirror
#5 Star Trek: TNG
#6 Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
#7 Stargate Atlantis
#8 Wolf's Rain
#9 Star Trek: Deep Space 9
#10 Serial Experiments Lain
#11 Burn Notice
#12 Firefly
#13 Star Trek: Voyager
#14 Madoka Magica
#15 Kino's Journey

Finally, here's a list of my favorite films. I'll update this next year. I really don't watch many films anymore. :(

My Top 10 Favorite Films, updated 2012:

#1 The Truman Show (1998)
#2 Pleasantville (1998)
#3 The Thirteenth Floor (1999)
#4 Back to the Future Trilogy (1985)
#5 Memento (2000)
#6 The Matrix Trilogy (1999)
#7 Groundhog Day (1993)
#8 Inception (2010)
#9 Vanilla Sky (2001)
#10 Pan's Labyrinth (2006)

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