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Finally, finally, FIN-A-LLY!

After receiving the Supra in June (formally on my birthday in July), this car is finally on the road. Stay tuned for more info on this page (and two upcoming episodes of Video Stuff. For those interested, here's a rundown of what happened when:

Nov. '02Supra is taken off the road.
Early '03Engine block and tranny sent off to be rebuilt, my dad does extensive work with everything else.
July '03We all move to N. Massapequa, Supra will not start and needs to be towed to my grandparent's house.
Nov. '03LeBaron head gasket blows, considering replacement.
Dec. '03LeBaron repaired, I decide to keep it for now.
Early '04LeBaron still has issues.
Early MayI decide to replace the LeBaron.
JuneMy dad offers to sell me the halfway-restored Supra as long as I get the body work done. I decline, and he makes it a gift (which I accept). Me, my dad, and a couple of my uncles take a good jab at it (parked at my grandparent's house)... we have some luck but it still needs to be towed here.
July 9I get the title (happy B-Day 2 Me).
July, AugustMe and my dad put in what little time we can to make it run.
September 2-4Just barely running under it's own power, I drive the Supra to the usual mechanic... it's there three days.
September 7- October 7Body work (Rust, paint, windshield... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
October 13DMV! (well call this the middle of transition week)
Supra is on the road, LeBaron goes on sale for $400
October 26After a series of mishandling errors, Pep Boys finally gets my Supra parts in. LeBaron is sold.
October 27Inspection and fine tuning
October 31LeBaron is picked up by it's new owner (a co-worker of mine), Supra is back from shop, needing only a new fuel pump (can't believe the original lasted 217,000 miles!)

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