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Giving up soda (and may the Lord have mercy on my soul)

The very last one in a very long line.

Few days have passed in the last 15+ years where I haven't drank a Coca Cola, Mountain Dew, Root Beer, or other soda, with at least one meal. I remember coming home from the store when I was a kid and eagerly opening up the first can. When I moved to Florida, I chose to shop at Winn Dixie because they had the best variety of generic soda (and because my old Waldbaums card worked there). Soda even held influence on my first novel , appropriately titled "Caffeine."

This tradition ends tomorrow (or today, since this post is dated 9/14 in accordance with UTC time). The can pictured on the right will mark the end of my regular soda intake.

Though it doesn't really show, my weight has been an issue for the last several years. In college, my diet was a "train wreck" (as I refer to it now), yet the scale never budged over 230. I barely exercised and drank a lot of soda. As I crossed into my mid-to-late 20s, however, my weight began a steady climb upward. Major improvements to my diet and increases in exercise didn't do much to slow it down, and now (as I feel the symptoms of obesity setting in) I feel it's time to take more drastic measures.

I've decided that the next step is to cut soda entirely, as well as anything with high-fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. This should have some positive side effects:

Acting against me is convenience. Soda and the like are available everywhere, and cheaply. I'll need to have a bigger stockpile of juice at home, and more ways to haul it to work, in the car, etc. I'll also be increasing my water intake, reminding myself that not everything has to be sweet. When all else fails, at least I'll still have relatively-healthy Wendy's (there are Subway restaurants, too, but I have too many complaints about them).

Well, I'm not saying that I'll never touch a soda again, but people say that once you've been off it a while it tastes too sweet/syrupy and the temptation's gone. I experimented with seltzer to make 'sparkling' fruit soda, and I tried organic sodas, but I think I'll be avoiding these as well. I'm hopeful that I'll be eating less overall, and that the higher cost of non-junk food will be offset.

Now that I've posted this to the internet for all to see, there's more pressure for me to stick to it. Prayers and advice appreciated.


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