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FM DX from Fort Myers (2013-2019)

FM6 yagi in my apartment bedroom.

Here you'll find my FM DX catches from Fort Myers. I began DXing the FM band in 2013, to suppliment my now-digital TV DX hobby and its poor e-skip performance. This was my first time DXing the FM band.

Most of these catches were made on an Antennacraft FM6 yagi, mounted indoors, with the excellent Sony XDR-S10HDiP HD Radio and, later, an SDRplay RSP2 software-defined radio. (All IBOC catches were made on the Sony.) Catches away from home were made on a Sangean ATS-909X and, in a pinch, the Kenwood KDC-MP208 in my car.

During this period Fort Myers, like every American city, was besieged with new LPFM and translator stations. If the FCC were trying to shut down the DXing hobby they could scarcely have done better. Even listening to semi-locals in adjacent markets became difficult, and it was a lot of work tracking what signals were local and which (possibly) weren't. In spite of the challenges, though, my FM logbook quickly eclipsed my analog and digital TV logbooks, breaking all of their records by the end of 2015. FM must've been incredible in the 90's.


2,500km FM Map 461 FM stations logged from 120 markets since 2013
    includes 54 locals and 36 semi-locals
    does not include 23 tentatives or IBOC-only catches

129 by tropo from 27 markets
    41 over 500 km (KWMZ 104.5 most logged)
    farthest is KGSR 93.3 in Cedar Park, TX @ 1,639 km
    States/Countries: AL, BAH, CUB, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TX

76 IBOC FM stations logged from 18 markets
    46 by tropo and 18 by e-skip
    farthest by tropo is WJBT 93.3 in Callahan, FL @ 415 km


241 by e-skip from 99 markets
    15 over 2,000 km, and 4 under 1,000 km
    farthest is KLMR 93.5 in Lamar, CO @ 2,322 km
    shortest is WKVC 88.9 in North Myrtle Beach, SC @ 899 km
    States/Countries: AR, CO, CT, DC, DE, DOM, GTM, IA, IL,
      IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, NC, NE,
      NH, NJ, NLE, NY, OH, OK, ON, PA, PR, RI, TAM, TN,
      TX, VA, VER, WI, WV

List of all tropo catches


List of all e-skip catches

Local Stations

ChCallsCitykmkWVideoTimes Logged (latest)Notes
88.1WJIS A+HDVenice, FL72100.0(local)christian AC, "The Joy FM"
88.3WBIYLaBelle, FL369.0(local)spanish
88.5WJCBClewiston, FL943.0(semi-local)christian
88.5WMNFTampa, FL1326.650(semi-local)public MX
88.7WDLVFort Myers, FL3775.0(local)christian AC, "K-Love"
88.9WQCS A+HDFort Pierce, FL170100.0(semi-local)public
89.1WSMRSarasota, FL7954.0(local)classical
89.3WRMBBoynton Beach, FL169100.0(semi-local)christian
89.5WAYJNaples, FL65100.0(local)christian AC, "Way FM"
89.7WUSF A+HDTampa, FL13571.0(semi-local)public
89.7WMLVMiami, FL189100.0 (semi-local)christian AC, "K-Love"
90.1WGCU A+HDFort Myers, FL18100.0(local)public
90.5WGGM-LPFort Myers, FL60.090 (local)R&B, caribbean, "Star 90.5"
90.5WREHCypress Quarters, FL117100.0(semi-local)religious
90.7WPBIWest Palm Beach, FL16438.0(semi-local)classical
90.9WSORNaples, FL4136.0(local)christian, "Moody Radio"
91.1WKESLakeland, FL156100.0(semi-local)christian, "Moody Radio"
91.3WSEBEnglewood, FL4762.0(local)christian MX
91.5WJYOFort Myers, FL203.0(local)christian AC, "Kingdom FM"
91.7WVIJPort Charlotte, FL391.9(local)christian MX, "Victory FM"
91.9WMYEFort Myers, FL131.2(local)christian MX, "Call FM"
92.1WAFZImmokalee, FL645.6(local)spanish MX, "La Ley"
92.1WCTQ A+HDVenice, FL7911.5 (semi-local)orig. WLTQ
92.5WFSX A+HDEstero, FL4225.0(local) 
92.7WAVWStuart, FL16950.0(semi-local)country, "Wave 92.7"
92.9WIKXCharlotte Harbor, FL44100.0(local)"Kix Country"
93.1WFEZ A+HDMiami, FL18398.0 (semi-local)AC, "Easy 93.1"
93.3WWDH-LPFort Myers, FL60.033 (local)R&B, "Tiger FM"
93.3WFLZ A+HDTampa, FL13297.0(semi-local) 
93.5WBGFBelle Glade, FL11315.5(semi-local)"True Oldies"
93.7WXNXSanibel, FL2043.0(local)rock, "93 X"
94.1W231DCFort Myers, FL230.250 (local)sports, "Fox Sports Radio"
94.1WLLD A+HDLakeland, FL112100.0(semi-local)hip hop, "Wild 94.1"
94.3WZZRRiviera Beach, FL17750.0 (semi-local)talk
94.5WARONaples, FL4199.0(local)rock, "The Arrow"
94.7WPHRGifford, FL17750.0(semi-local)country, "B 94.7"
94.9WOKE-LPFort Myers, FL40.022 (local)"94.9 The City"2
94.9WWRM A+HDTampa, FL13297.3(semi-local)AC, "Magic 94.9"
95.3WOLZ A+HDFort Myers, FL2079.0(local)lite, "OLZ"
95.7pirateLehigh Acres, FL15N/A (local)haitian
96.1WRXK A+HDBonita Springs, FL37100.0(local)"K-Rock"
96.5W243BMSuncoast Estates, FL70.250(local)spanish MX, "Playa 98.1"
96.9WINKFort Myers, FL16100.0(local)AC
97.3W247AQTropical Gulf Acres, FL40.250 (local)sports, "The Fan" //1240 AM
97.5WPCVWinter Haven, FL163100.0(semi-local)country
97.7WTLQPunta Rassa, FL2314.5(local)spanish MX, "Latino"
98.1W251ALFort Myers, FL270.230(local)spanish MX, "Playa 98.1"
98.3WRTOGoulds, FL189100.0 (semi-local)spanish MX
98.5WLVOSan Carlos Park, FL2018.5(local)spanish, "Radio Nueva Vida"
98.7WKGR A+HDWellington, FL17150.0(semi-local)AC, "The Gator"
98.9WBCGMurdock, FL475.5(local)AC
98.9WGUFMarco, FL766.0(semi-local)talk
99.3WWCN A+HDFort Myers Beach, FL2345.0(local)sports, "ESPN"
99.7WQXY-LPFort Myers, FL50.023 (local)"EZ 99.7", orig. WZKO-LP
99.7W259CCImmokalee, FL530.250 (semi-local)spanish MX, "La Ley" //92.1
99.7WJKDVero Beach, FL18150.0(semi-local)AC, "Jack FM"
100.1WZJZ A+HDPort Charlotte, FL1384.0(local)top 40, "Y 100"
100.5W263BIFort Myers, FL130.250(local)christian AC, "Way FM" //89.5
100.7WZQR-LPBokeelia, FL260.1 (defunct local) 
100.7WMTXTampa, FL132100.0(semi-local)top 40, "Mix 100.7"
101.1WAVV A+HDNaples Park, FL63100.0(local)lite, "Wave 101.1"
101.5W268AHBonita Springs, FL420.099(semi-local)talk //770 AM
101.5WPOI A+HDSt. Petersburg, FL13297.1(semi-local)top 40, "Hot 101.5"
101.9WWGRFort Myers, FL37100.0(local)"Gator Country"
102.1WKLGRock Harbor, FL227100.0(semi-local)rock, "Star 102.1"
102.3W272BMFort Myers Beach, FL230.080 (local)christian MX, "Call FM" //91.9
102.3WMBX A+HDJensen Beach, FL171100.0(semi-local)R&B, "X 102.3"
102.5WHPT A+HDSarasota, FL8987.0(local)talk, "The Bone"
102.9WJGOTice, FL2396.0(local)AC, "Bob FM"
103.1WIRKIndiantown, FL17135.0(semi-local)country
103.3W277APBayshore, FL70.038(local)talk, "Fox News" //92.5
103.5WFUSGulfport, FL13266.0(semi-local)country, "US 103.5"
103.9WXKB A+HDCape Coral, FL37100.0(local)top 40, "B 103.9"
104.3W282BYFort Myers, FL70.250 (local)talk //770 AM
104.3WKZMSarasota, FL9025.0(semi-local)religious, "Moody Radio"
104.5WFLMWhite City, FL17050.0 (semi-local)R&B, "The Flame"
104.7WSGLNaples, FL6420.0(local)top 40, "The Mix"
104.9WCVUSolana, FL306.0(local)lite, "Sea View 104.9"
105.1W286AKNaples, FL640.099(semi-local)spanish MX, "Playa 98.1"
105.3WZSPNocatee, FL564.1(local)spanish MX, "La Zeta"
105.5WBTT A+HDNaples Park, FL4223.5(local)hip hop, "The Beat"
105.7WWLLSebring, FL8419.0 (local)"Lite FM"
105.9WTZB A+HDEnglewood, FL7125.0(local)classic rock, sports, "Z 105"
106.3WJPT A+HDFort Myers, FL2350.0(local)lite, "Sunny 106.3"
106.7W294ANFort Myers Beach, FL230.250(local)christian talk, "Relevant Radio" //1410
106.9WZZSZolfo Springs, FL765.0(semi-local)spanish MX, "La Numero 1"
107.1WCKT A+HDLehigh Acres, FL4223.5(local)"Cat Country"
107.5W298CBMelbourne, FL50.099 (local)R&B, "WZKO" //1350 AM
107.7WFUG-LPLehigh Acres, FL270.1 (local)spanish MX, "Aviva Radio"
107.7W299BJNaples, FL530.055(semi-local)religious, "Call FM"
107.9WSRZ A+HDCoral Cove, FL7947.0(local)AC

Notable FM DX

ChCallsCitykmkWVideoTimes Logged (latest)Notes
Farthest Tropo
93.3KGSRCedar Park, TX1,639100.0 1 (2014) TrAAA
105.3KSMGSeguin, TX1,63897.51 (2014) Tr"Magic 105.3"
93.3KITEPort Lavaca, TX1,490100.01 (2014) Tr 
101.7KNTEBay City, TX1,42535.01 (2014) Tr"La Ranchera"
107.5KGLKLake Jackson, TX1,34795.01 (2014) Tr"The Eagle"
Most Logged Tropo over 250km
104.5WOKVAtlantic Beach, FL40098.8(very common) 
105.9WOCLDeLand, FL26896.0 (very common) 
89.1WUFTGainesville, FL340100.0(very common) 
107.7WMGFMount Dora, FL25498.06 (2016) TrRDS
104.5KWMZEmpire, LA84913.55 (2016) Tr"Z 104.5"
96.7WXOFYankeetown, FL27214.55 (2017) Tr 
Shortest E-Skip
88.9WKVCNorth Myrtle Beach, SC [NC]899100.01 (2015) Es"K-Love"
107.9WLNK A+HDCharlotte, NC981100.01 (2015) Es 
91.7WSGEDallas, NC9867.51 (2015) Es 
89.3WRKFBaton Rouge, LA1,00028.0 1 (2017) EsRDS
89.3WTEBNew Bern, NC1,04199.01 (2017) Es"Public Radio East"
Lowest Power via E-Skip
104.3WSKEEverett, PA1,5280.8201 (2015) Es"Cool Country"
92.3WVSLRiverside, PA1,6690.9301 (2015) Es 
103.7WCXRLewisburg, PA1,6610.9501 (2015) Es"Rock 99.3 and 103.7 WZXR"
90.7WVMCMansfield, OH1,5751.5501 (2016) Es 
93.1KBDZPerryville, MO1,4461.61 (2015) Es 
Farthest E-Skip
93.5KLMRLamar, CO2,322100.01 (2014) Es"Kool 93.5"
92.3WMMEAugusta, ME2,25850.01 (2016) Es"92 Moose"
89.3KCMP A+HDNorthfield, MN2,25097.61 (2016) Es"The Current"
91.1KANZGarden City, KS2,177100.01 (2014) Es"High Plains Public Radio"
94.9CIMFGatineau, QC2,17384.0 0 (tentative) Esfrench
Northernmost IDed
88.5WIABMackinaw City, MI2,11950.0 1 (2017) Es"Classical IPR"
Southernmost IDed
88.9TGGUGuatemala City, GTM1,604N/A1 (2015) Esdistance to city
Westernmost IDed
93.5KLMRLamar, CO2,322100.01 (2014) Es"Kool 93.5"
Easternmost IDed
89.7WRTUSan Juan, PR1,87050.0 1 (2017) EsRDS

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