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Digital TV DX from Fort Myers (2012-2019)

CM4228 on apartment lanai.

I began DXing digital TV in 2012, when I lived in Fort Myers. The switchover (for full-power stations) had occured three years earlier and, at the time, I wasn't interested in going digital... but there just isn't anything like DXing. My "retirement" from the hobby was short-lived.

Most of these catches were made on a Channel Master CM4228HD 8-Bay UHF Antenna and Insignia NS-DXA1 set-top box, with a Philips PT902 Portable TV serving as a second tuner.

Click here for a list of all digital TV catches
Click here for my analog TV catches (2005-2008)   (1994-2005)


1 Megameter DTV Map 105 Digital TV stations logged from 18 markets
     includes 10 locals and 1 semi-local
     does not include 5 tentatives

91 by tropo from 16 markets
     23 over 500 km (WEAR 17 most logged)
     farthest is WMAU 18 in Bude, MS @ 1,016 km
     States/Countries: AL, FL, GA, LA, MS


2 by e-skip from 1 market
     farthest is KJWP 2 in Wilmington, DE [PA] @ 1,606 km
     shortest is WACP 4 in Atlantic City, NJ @ 1,590 km
     States/Countries: NJ, PA
     does not include 1 tentative

Local Stations

ChCallsCitykmkWVideoTimes Logged (latest)Notes
15WBBH /20Fort Myers, FL181,000.0(local)NBC
18WUVF-LD /51Naples, FL4215.0 (semi-local)UNI //WLZE-LD 51
20WLZE-LD /51Fort Myers, FL1315.0(local)UNI
22WGPS-LP /22Fort Myers, FL2710.5(local)Estrella
31WGCU /30Fort Myers, FL18297.0(local)PBS
33WRXY /49Tice, FL131,000.0(local)CTN
35WFTX /36Cape Coral, FL14930.0(local)Fox
41WZVN /26Naples, FL181,000.0(local)ABC
43WWDT-CD /43Naples, FL2015.0(local)TEL
45WXCW /46Naples, FL131,000.0(local)CW
50WINK /11Fort Myers, FL161,000.0(local)CBS
51WLZE-LD /51Fort Myers, FL139.1(defunct local)UNI

Notable TV DX

ChCallsCitykmkWVideoTimes Logged (latest)Notes
Farthest Tropo
18WMAU /17Bude, MS1,016682.01 (2014) TrMPB (PBS)
28WTTO /21Homewood, AL904765.0 1 (2015) TrCW
22WHLT /22Hattiesburg, MS8961,000.03 (2014) TrCBS
36WWL /4New Orleans, LA8821,000.01 (2014) TrPSIP only
19WIIQ /41Demopolis, AL8681,000.01 (2014) TrAPT (PBS)
Farthest Low-Power Stations via Tropo
46WCTU-LD /46Pensacola, FL68215.01 (2014) Trreligious
18WECP-LD /18Panama City, FL55215.02 (2014) TrCBS
Most Logged over 250km
17WEAR /3Pensacola, FL7131,000.017 (2017) TrABC
16WCJB /20Gainesville, FL333344.013 (2017) TrABC
27WKRG /5Mobile, AL7401,000.012 (2017) TrCBS
20WMPV /21Mobile, AL718700.011 (2015) TrTBN

Local Bandscans

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EGRABOW.COM and its original content Copyright 1999-2022 Ryan Grabow. May be reproduced in good faith unless otherwise stated.