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Grabow's Ramblings From 2004

EG development POSTED MAR 8, 2004
In spite of my free time issue, I continue to utilize my "always-on" cable hookup and do a lot of surfing, as well as maintenance of I am actively working on KeyPrint, my phone number evaluating program and what will be the second program posted on this website. As for Wake Up! Pro, I have done, like, two minutes of work on it since I released 1.1, so don't hold your breath for 1.5. (By the way, here's a link to my Wake Up! Pro page) I am already planning EG 2005, which...

Free time just bobbing between low and really low POSTED MAR 8, 2004
Yep, it's not easy being a full-time college student and a full-time employee. Sleep? What's that??? As you can see by the "Free Time O'Meter" to your right, time is a major subject on this page. By the way, anything less than 30 hours per week of "free" time I consider cramped (I'm right on the border!), anything over 90 probably means I don't have a job or a life (we don't really have to worry about that red area), and, for those who didn't know, there are 168 hours in a we...

Got a Cell Phone POSTED MAR 8, 2004
After years of resisting the occasional temptation, I signed a truce with Verizon Wireless last month and am now the proud owner of a... what does that box say... VX3100L thing. Yeah, it lights up and everything, someday I'll call someone with it. I bought the phone because I'll need my own voicemail when I begin applying for jobs (spring break) and so I can call my mother and her side of the family [Hi Mom!]. Want my number??? Call me and I'll give it to 'ya.

EG Ratings Week '04 POSTED MAR 22, 2004
You may have been wondering where I've been for the last week. Well, I've decided to not visit my own site during the week of March 14 so I could get an accurate (if not vague) reading of how many hits receives. You wanna know too? Well... take a look below. # of visits (March 14-20, 2004)   Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday TOTAL 542 520 586 470 474 428 570 3,590 Section by Section (March 1-21, 2004)   Section Entry URL % of visits ...

Sweet Haul (of books) POSTED MAR 29, 2004
Today, after I finished lunch, I headed to the campus library to relax (as I usually do). When I got there I noticed a sign outside: "Book Sale." After I had found an interesting book, I asked a librarian how much these we're going for. Her response... their FREE!!!Now I could have got technical and discussed how "sales" mean people get charged for things, but certain things happen when I get near books. More things happen when I feel like buying books... and I just had to fi...

The hardware side of Wake Up! Pro POSTED MAR 29, 2004
The equipment exposed. The equipment obstructed. Interface. I've done it! Well, sorta. After I created the Wake Up! Pro program, I put it on my computer and set it up to wake me in the morning. While the computer itself could not be turned off, the speakers could. Hmmm, obviously I need to put everything in some kind of enclosure. (for more information, refer to the WUP Manual ) In my search for some kind of lockable cabinet, I hit one speed bump after another. The go...

Graduation Party Stuff POSTED APR 8, 2004
The invites we're sent out today. Aah, family, friends... the great $80,000 fundraiser to pay back my loan... OK, maybe there's no fundraiser, but there should be a good time had by all. Everyone here hopes that it will be a sunny day, the pool may be open by then, I don't know much about that. Keep in mind that "STUFF" (the page you're lookin' at) will be the place where I will post video of my graduation and the ensuing party!

LeBaron Status POSTED APR 8, 2004
Rust! Oh Nooooo!!! OK, it's not that bad... yet. This is it, I'm afraid... I've had it. I'll probably put the LeBaron up for sale in July (just before I need to renew insurance), they can get a few last years out of it or take it in to a body shop. Oh yeah, and the windshield wiper is loose too!

The search is on! POSTED APR 8, 2004
I am now officially on the market. See the Ryan Grabow Network section for details.

The end of an era, well... a few! POSTED MAY 9, 2004
Perhaps you got the impression from the whole "Graduation 2004" section up above this, but my life is about to change a lot. I've been sitting in classrooms for 17 years, and its going to feel strange not sitting in one. Over the past few months, changes have been slowly taking place on this website. My graduation is the first event to receive so much attention on, and I'm going to keep putting new stuff from my graduation/ graduation party up in this section. The Rya...

The "Free Time O'Meter" finally changed POSTED MAY 9, 2004
Take a second to scroll up and look at the "Free Time O'Meter". See anything? Heck yeah, it finally went higher than 30 hours/week! That means I'm projecting more free time in the near future, time I can use for, programming (EdGyWare), and (right now) the remake of "Behind The Static 2". Hopefully, this won't go down when I land a new job.

EdGyWare POSTED MAY 24, 2004
I know it's been a while since I've released anything. But sit tight, because KeyPrint will probably be released within the next few weeks. CipherDin and Wake Up! Pro 1.5 shouldn't be too far behind.

Selling the LeBaron POSTED MAY 24, 2004
Sigh. The time is almost here. As much as this car has grown on me, I need a change. I am now forming my plans to sell my '88 Chrysler LeBaron, the expected price is $1,000. As for it's replacement, I'll buy the new car first, then sell the old one. Details will appear, where else, here! BTW: I may even give the sale it's own webpage, perhaps?

And the second car is... Toyota Supra! POSTED MAY 31, 2004
A couple of years ago, my dad began restoring his 1986.5 Toyota Supra... rebuilt engine, transmission, etc... Since then, through the move and all, he has not had a chance to drive it around, instead focusing on his Tahoe. Today, he agreed to give it to me to be my second car. We have a lot of great memories in that car and now it's mine, all mine, hehehehe.

EdGyWare and Logo Gallery Update #4 POSTED MAY 31, 2004
I know it's been a while since I've released anything. But sit tight, because KeyPrint will probably be released within the next few weeks. CipherDin and Wake Up! Pro 1.5 shouldn't be too far behind. Logo Gallery Update #4 is just around the corner. Thank you all for your patience.

Selling the LeBaron POSTED MAY 31, 2004
Plans are still being formed on the sale of this car, only a few weeks away. The price is still $1,000.

Video Stuff ("Stuff" on Video) POSTED MAY 31, 2004
A few days ago, while driving to work (still Wendy's(!)), an idea struck me... Short video diaries about some "stuff" topic. "Video Stuff" would involve me on camera, in some appropriate environment, talking about some topic shown on this page. I'm working on the details and hope to have the first installment up sometime this/next week.

Adventures with Firegrass (V.S. #1) POSTED JUN 7, 2004
"Firegrass" may sound like the name of a drug (wouldn't surprise me), but it's actually the word I use to describe the lawn around my house. This stuff grows fast. Of course, my dad with his green thumb asks me to mow this lawn twice a week, when I'd rather mow it once a month! Well, who ever said I had a green thumb, anyway? I chose this topic for my first edition of "Video Stuff", so take a look.

Handy tips for your job search (V.S. #2) POSTED JUN 14, 2004
Why wait for a job opening when you can make your own? Still trying to decide what direction I want Video Stuff to take, I decided to make the second installment slightly wacky, like the first. Comments anyone? Please note that I don't really endorse the things I endorse (lol).

'Bout Time - POSTED JUL 20, 2004
Yikes! Has it already been a month??? No, it's been longer... Yikes. OK, sorry. Sometimes I have to let sit while I worry about other things... and what "other thing" have I been up to? I've become the webmaster of, the official website of Love 96.1 in Medford, where I am currently volunteering. I am glad for the opportunity and hope this turns into a long-term thing. Check it out and let me know what you think (especially if you listen to the station). I am ...

LeBaron still *not* for sale POSTED JUL 20, 2004
I planned to sell the car last month, but my new car, the Toyota Supra, has other plans. Me and my dad still haven't found the problem and I still need the old car. When this ball is finally rolling, I will post the information here.

What the heck is NM2? (coming soon) POSTED JUL 20, 2004
I'm re-arranging my room next week, this will be Video Stuff #3 next week. Check back.

Vacation to Florida! (yeah, me) POSTED JUL 27, 2004
Soon, I will be taking my annual trip to Port Charlotte to see my family. Man, I love Florida and I intend to move there before long (well, I'm not sticking around in New York my whole life... yuck). Hmmm, maybe I could make a Video Stuff on-location...

What the heck is NM2? (V.S. #3) POSTED JUL 27, 2004
"NM" = "North Massapequa" "2" = the second furniture arrangement in this house Get it? No??  Well, forget you then... just click to see some really bad video of how I changed one bedroom into two (still gotta work on the southeast quadrant, though... LOL). I think I did a lot better on the lighting this time.

Back on the Job Trail POSTED AUG 11, 2004
After some much-needed R&R, I will soon resume my job search. There are always issues with time, but I'm recovering some by cutting my hours at Wendy's (the current job). Some success with Love 96... in addition to having seniority as an "intern" and being the webmaster, I am also being paid to drive the Love Machine (the radio stations Xterra). Sweet. Later...

Vacation to Florida!   My sisters new apartment (V.S. #4) POSTED AUG 11, 2004
I spent most of my vacation lying around my mom's apartment, but there was a major event happening during my vacation. My sister and her boyfriend moved out of New York to sunny Florida! I thought I should get this on tape. Appearances by my sister, mother, and Joe. This edition had no script! (naughty naughty...)

Buxx goes ahead of CipherDin POSTED AUG 13, 2004
For a while, I thought CipherDin would be program number 3 (after Wake Up! Pro and KeyPrint), because I don't think it will take long to code. But as they say... necessity is the mother of invention. I have decided to make Buxx a priority, Buxx being my upcoming money management program. Not some overly complicated program that downloads conversion rates and tracks 401Ks, but a simple thing for people (hi!) who just want to track the money they actually have!!! As for CipherDin, I'll get arou...

Waste of a perfectly good domain name POSTED AUG 13, 2004
I recently saw an ad in PC Magazine for cheap .US domain name registration, I thought I'd give it a shot. Now, this isn't about the service... I never started using it. What I'm venting about is the name RGN-dot-whatever. As I've mentioned before, RGN.COM is a name I've tried for as it goes well with "Ryan Grabow Network", and is also a lot shorter than (of course I like the name I have, but I wouldn't mind having more). is a very prestigious spot on the informatio...

Hurricane Charley POSTED AUG 18, 2004
This hurricane dominated the headlines for a few days. Port Charlotte, FL is a second home to me... and I was there on vacation only days before the storm suddenly hit and reduced much of it to rubble! My family is okay, but now the town's messed up. It's a good thing my vacation ended when it did, especially since the hurricane wasn't expected to hit so close until it was almost there (it took a last minute turn north). My prayers rest with my family and their neighbors, as well as those in Flo...

EdgyWare cancelled! POSTED AUG 30, 2004
I'm as shocked to type it as you probably are to read it. As I continue to organize what free time I have (it is increasing, tho), I have to cut some things out that I don't need done. Unfortunately, I've decided that Buxx, CipherDin, MileMark, PlayEmit, and the whole EdGyWare thing are not viable projects right now. It took five months to create KeyPrint, and I'm itching to crank out Wake Up! Pro 1.5. If it takes so long to write new software, It'll take forever just to revise the existing stu...

New website coming shortly POSTED AUG 30, 2004
After my ongoing success with, I've been hired to create another, smaller website. Stay Tuned.

Waiting... Waiting... WAITING... STILL WAITING!!! POSTED SEP 24, 2004
After three months trying to get my Toyota Supra on the road, the wait still goes on. What is it with 2004? I can't seem to get anything done this year! In short, everything is taking three times longer than expected. Right now, it's tied up at the body shop. (at this rate, the LeBaron will go on sale March 15, 2008)

Buxx coming back POSTED SEP 26, 2004
Last month, I announced that all new EdGyWare programs we're cancelled. However, I'm now considering Buxx once again.

Messing with perfection again POSTED SEP 26, 2004
Several months ago I began thinking about EG2005 (the massive redesign-slash-update on January 1st). I announced several planned changes on the Research aNd Development page, using the "center channel" theme. Now that we're down to the last few months of '04, I've been thinking again... (yeah, I screwed around with the plans...). Now the red lines are blue circuits and the "EdGy" logo will be retired. For all the details you can handle, read this page . Don't forget to contact me with suggestions.

What happened to Video Stuff? POSTED SEP 26, 2004
I planned to make #5 about the sale of my LeBaron and #6 about the new Supra. For reasons stated above, it may be a while.

And the rest is history... POSTED OCT 13, 2004
I have a potential buyer, we'll see how that goes. Video Stuff coming soon!

Finally, finally, FIN-A-LLY! POSTED OCT 13, 2004
After receiving the Supra in June (formally on my birthday in July), this car is finally on the road. Stay tuned for more info on this page (and two upcoming episodes of Video Stuff. For those interested, here's a rundown of what happened when: Nov. '02Supra is taken off the road. Early '03Engine block and tranny sent off to be rebuilt, my dad does extensive work with everything else. July '03We all move to N. Massapequa, Supra will not start and needs to be towed to my grandparent's ho...

And the rest is history... POSTED OCT 19, 2004
Now that the Supra is on the road, we move to the LeBaron sale. I've begun distributing the flyer you see to the right. (image originally here not available) I've finished Video Stuff #5, and it includes a clip of the odometer hitting 150K (and a shot of the odometer now, sheesh...). The odometer reading is not accurate due to a speedometer malfunction, so I estimate that the car has 185,000 miles on it. Watch Video Stuff #5

FreeFolder Website #3 POSTED NOV 1, 2004
After picking up in July and in August, I've now become webmaster of Feel free to check them all out and to throw me some comments. In the midst of all this webmastering, I've picked up a new name of my own..., the name for my new service. I'm still not 100% that web design will be my new career, but the name will certainly help. It appears that I will pick up soon, making it the first website I didn't launch.

Happy Holidays, y'all! POSTED DEC 2, 2004
A very happy holiday from all of us at EGRABOW.COM to all the others who spend 12 hours a day staring at computer monitors.

Messing with perfection again (revised) POSTED DEC 2, 2004
More has been added to the RND Page about EG2005. Several months ago I began thinking about EG2005 (the massive redesign-slash-update on January 1st). I announced several planned changes on the Research aNd Development page, using the "center channel" theme. Now that we're down to the last few months of '04, I've been thinking again... (yeah, I screwed around with the plans...). Now the red lines are blue circuits and the "EdGy" logo will be retired. For all the details you ...

Supra Oil Leak POSTED DEC 2, 2004
This phenomenon, which miraculously survived a full engine rebuild, continues. It will be fixed before my trip to Florida this month.

The all new EG1000 POSTED DEC 2, 2004
Another sweet haul on Tuesday night, not from my local library but from my neighbors curb! I occasionally (OK, frequently) go on walks around the neighborhood to get my blood pumping, and sometimes I go out on trash day. I still can't believe that I found not one, but two perfectly good PCs (monitors and all) out on someone's curb. They're both three-year-old Dells with no defects. After running my tests and cleaning them out, I've decided that one will become the "bench computer" I've...

Wake Up! Pro 1.5 POSTED DEC 2, 2004
Work continues on this version, which still requires a lot of skill. I'm hoping to release this at the end of this month or in January.

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