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Grabow's Ramblings From 2005

EG2005 slowly but surely POSTED JAN 1, 2005
Those who have seen this site's homepage have seen the future (err, the present). Due to holiday hours at my job and problems with Photoshop (oh yeah, and that pesky sleep thing), I could only get so far tonight. Rest assured, however, that EG2005 has officially arrived and will be applied gradually over the next couple of weeks. Remember that this means every page will be updated.

Getting out of the deep freeze (and of a few other things) POSTED JAN 22, 2005
As of right now, I am being considered for two positions at WFTX-TV in Cape Coral, FL. Getting an editing position at a major TV station would mean a lot of things to me (and would benefit WFTX). As I type, a blizzard is falling in the New York Metro Area (one which I had to drive through!). I hate the cold, so I'm no fan of winter. With some luck I could take the rest of winter off... in a land where there is no such thing!

Personal Organization Suite (Buxx!) POSTED JAN 22, 2005
With WUP 1.5 out, I'm brainstorming about the other programs (including KeyPrint, my only other publicly release). Several months ago, I was cooking up not two, but an entire suite of programs under the EdGyWare name: Wake Up! Pro, KeyPrint, Buxx, CipherDin, MileMark, PlayEmit, and one other for DX Logs. Now, it looks like I'll be working on a different kind of suite, incorporating the two existing programs, Buxx, and one other program. Wherever will 2005 lead us?

Wake Up! Pro and Linkback POSTED JAN 22, 2005
The long anticipated Wake Up! Pro 1.5 has been released! This version includes two new views (and the ability to run with no view at all), plus a few other nic-nacs. This version took a lot longer to work on than I thought, mostly because I was trying to make "Literal View" a skinned form (an elaborate window on the desktop) until I decided to give up on it. Maybe in a future version. Linkback is also up and running, I found five pages that qualified so far. My qualifications for site...

No updates anytime soon POSTED FEB 13, 2005
It always seems like I'm telling you this, but EG won't be updated anytime soon. I've decided to focus as much as possible on my job search, which means no EGRABOW.COM, Wake Up! Pro/ KeyPrint, etc., or other personal projects. Let's all cross our fingers and pray that my next announcement on "EG Stuff" will be very joyous and very soon.... the end of my Wendy's career!

EGrabow Media POSTED MAR 14, 2005
The new RGN has arrived! A full re-design of (including PHP and Flash!) which I'm calling "version 5.5" is planned this summer and may happen sooner.

Job Search still goin' POSTED MAR 14, 2005
Apparently, this is working. Sorry about the No Updates thing... I don't like going this far. Updates forthcoming.

Personal Organization Suite POSTED APR 29, 2005
I have been putting some time toward TermTable. Buxx will continue to sit on the fences (and possibly be renamed). I've decided that KeyPrint will expand beyond phone numbers in v2.0, and it will be re-named CipherDin (a name that I stole from a short lived project). Wake Up! Pro has been receiving a lot of feedback lately, I hoping to begin work on 2.0 shortly.

Thursday it is... POSTED APR 29, 2005
As many of you know, I've been holding off on website updates for the last few months so that I could put more energy into my job search. Now I am pleased to announce that "EG Work" is being done again... on Thursday nights. That doesn't mean that every Thursday will see action, but that checking this page every Friday will keep you informed. I look forward to the day when I can throw open the floodgates once again, with updates happening frequently, but I must be patient...

Waiting Still Sucks POSTED APR 29, 2005
Is it just me, or is time the only thing that goes fast once you've graduated college? In the last year, I've begun working at Love 96.1 as Webmaster and Driver (for the station vehicle). While that's great, it's not a full time replacement for Wendy's. Sure it's tough sending out resumes while working 50 hours/ week, but it's long been top priority. I'm disappointed that I've not received any job offers yet, I was hoping to launch my career in Manhattan and thought I should give it a chance (s...

Wake Up! Pro success stories POSTED APR 29, 2005
Lately I've been receiving a lot of feedback for Wake Up! Pro . From the beginning I knew I wasn't alone in my morning plight to get out of bed, now I'm glad to hear that others are using the program for the same reasons I do, and it's working! I find this very inspiring and (like I said above), I hope to get started on 2.0 soon so I can cram more features into a friendlier package. has recently posted an article involving WUP. Check it out

EG Outage! POSTED MAY 24, 2005
Some of you may have noticed that this website was not available over the weekend. Big lesson: keep track of your e-mail address! I registered for two years in 2001 and renewed for two years in 2003... then I moved and changed my e-mail address. Now, I did update the address when I moved but I wasn't very thorough, the result was that my notice got sent to the defunct address and I didn't receive it! Now, I apologize for the inconvenience since many people use this site regularly, s...

Video Stuff #6: Maybe next time POSTED MAY 24, 2005
One last VS for the road.It's almost a certainty that I'll be moving to Florida soon. Video Stuff

The end of uhhh, The start of more / Wendy's Mania POSTED JUN 16, 2005
After a slow job search in New York, I've decided to make the move south. After the July 11th move, I will be starting volunteer work in the media department of a major Fort Myers church. It was a tough decision to leave New York, but I believe it to be the right one (both professionally and spiritually). My phone number and e-mail addresses will not change immediately. Wendy's Mania

Not looking for those quarters anymore POSTED JUL 9, 2005
Once I heard about those rare upside-down quarters a few years ago, I began looking for them (like many people), then kept looking (unlike many people). It's easy to check large amounts of change when you manage a fast food restaurant and deal with the registers. However, after checking 10,000+ quarters with no result, and with me leaving this job and all, I will no longer be looking for the upside down quarter. Of course, it I end up working for a bank....

Sabrina Analise Waurio - my newest niece! POSTED JUL 17, 2005
She was born to my sister Sommer on Tuesday, July 12th, as I was driving down. I'm gonna be her cool uncle. She's so precious and I'm pretty sure she's the first newborn I've held in my arms (but not the first baby). May the Lord bless this new family (which I happen to be related to)

Silverdome Media Ministries POSTED JUL 17, 2005
Friggin Awesome! Here's me on camera 1 at "The Silverdome" in Fort Myers, FL. Here's what replaced "staff" at Love 96.1. Now I just need to replace Wendy's... I'll be taking over the editing for a few church programs (broadcast) soon, details to come!

And Job #5 goes to... Spherion? POSTED JUL 27, 2005
Looks like we have a winner! Or do we? Spherion is a local placement agency I signed up with today, now they got me working Food Presentation at the local (Cape Coral, remember???) BJ's. The position is just for a week, but it does put some $$$ into my fresh new Wachovia account (that bank is app #JF05-40, by the way). This does technically make Spherion Job #5, but it doesn't phase the job search. Top picks for what will now be Job #6: App.BusinessTitleNewz -13Waterman BroadcastingMaste...

Job #5 is out... WHAT???   Job #6 is SOOOOOO IN! POSTED AUG 4, 2005
Job Search '04/'05 officially ended today... with COMPLETE SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited? After a brief run with Global Prospects Inc. (who became Job #5 on Tuesday), the title of Job #6 and the "winner" of this job search has given to WBBH-TV in Fort Myers. On Monday, I begin as a Full-Time Production Assistant... friggin' awesome!!! Was moving to Florida a good idea??? Heck yeah! Bite me New York! Coming soon to EG... my apartment search!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?

KeyPrint 1.2 POSTED AUG 17, 2005
A year after the release of 1.0 (and totally out of the blue), KeyPrint version 1.2 has now been released! Due to me NOT conducting a job search, I now seem to have a lot more time for recreational stuff, like programming. Expect Wake Up! Pro 2.0 and TermTable 1.0 within the next two months. Yeah! I think I mean it this time! KeyPrint 1.2 Wake Up! Pro 1.5

From the Cape to the Fort POSTED SEP 16, 2005
After a month long apartment search, I found a condo through a contact at the new job. (sweet!) This is a nice two-story job with a small balcony and a window that beats the heck outta my old basement window! My roommate is Tom James, who used to do sports for WBBH. Wait'll I show him around the website... Now I just need to get the rest of my stuff down from New York! My goal is to have everything by Thanksgiving... EG's been a little slow lately, but things should be speeding up again short...

Longer Adult Swim hours! POSTED OCT 3, 2005
Cartoon Network recently added a fourth hour to their Adult Swim lineup. Looks like I'm gonna be getting even less sleep!

OptOnline being phased out POSTED OCT 3, 2005
I decided that my move to Florida would go smoother if I delayed dropping (my old ISP), but now I'm ready to go ahead with the switchover. is now replacing, though the old address has no set kill date.

Project W20 inches closer POSTED OCT 3, 2005
Promises made, deadlines pushed back, stuff coming up. I'm thrilled to say that with the move (mostly) out of the way, job found, and apartment moved-into, I now have a lot more time for program development. Version 2.0 is going to make 1.5 look like... well... like all those non-Wake Up! Pro alarm clock programs out on the 'net. Trust me, users, you won't recognize a lot of it, it's a total re-design (only the splash screen and settings window are recycled). With any luck, I can release the be...

Spam is up 8,000% POSTED OCT 3, 2005
New phone number. New e-mail address. New spam. (Lots) I've never received a telemarketing call on my cell phone (I don't think they're allowed to call those anyway), and my old only received a very manageable trickle. Now, though, I have a new ISP and a new landline phone to access it through... and both are being used extensively by people trying to sell me junk! Even better, I was getting spam before I started giving out my new e-mail address! As for the new (unlisted) ...

Project Carteret update POSTED NOV 4, 2005
The moving-of-my-stuff to Fort Myers, FL is complete (it only took a packed Supra, Alero, and Tahoe to haul it all down!). And now that my lights are back on, it's time for some heavy-duty unpacking and organizing. I still have some addresses to update, too. Big thanx to my Mom for letting my use her car and to my Dad for driving down and bringing all my remaining junk (including the EG1400, which I'm typing on now). It's good to be back!

What the??? Cell phone missing! POSTED NOV 4, 2005
The day after my landline phone service came back on, my cell phone service lost a vital component... the phone. With my dad down here and a suddenly bad alternator in my car (how's that for timing?), we went out to get one. Sears, auto parts store, chinese restaurant. I know I had it in Sears, but I noticed my holster was empty when we got home. I tried calling it but the phone was off! I never turned it back on after leaving the station the night before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In two days it hasn't be...

Wil-ma! POSTED NOV 4, 2005
On the heels of my drive to New York came a Category 3 hurricane. It was a Cat 5 with record-breaking low pressure in the eye before it hit the Yucatan Peninsula, then regained substantial strength in the too-cool-in-October-to-support-a-major-hurricane gulf waters, hit south of here as a strong Cat 3, didn't weaken much over land (she was moving too fast)... then regained what it did lose in the cool Atlantic waters. Yeah, Wilma definitely wanted to prove she could be as big and bad as her si...

Collect all 3! POSTED NOV 7, 2005
These images are copyrighted, though I consider my name to be in the public domain. The name "Ryan Grabow" is appearing in credits all over southwest Florida. First came "Celebration under the Silverdome", which airs Saturday nights at 8:00 on WRXY-49, then NBC 2 (WBBH-20) ran "full credits" at the end of their Saturday 6:00 newscast, and last week came the final episode of ABC 7's Extra Point (WZVN-26), for which we used full credits for not just that week, bu...

R.I.P. POSTED NOV 20, 2005
It was my first professionally done website and, until Wednesday, it was my biggest client. Now, there is *a* right now (check it out if you like), but it's not my work. I went online to do some work on the website that evening only to find my files inaccessible and the homepage totally different... I even recognized the work. After ten minutes I discovered that the DNS had been changed. Now, as far as I knew (since no one told me anything, not even after the fact) the DNS had been...

2005: A Year in Review POSTED DEC 31, 2005
January 1, 2005 was eons ago. I was eight months out of college, still working at the job I got in High School to make the loan payments. Last January was a big downer for me. Job Search '04 went on so long I re-named it Job Search '05, and while WFTX in Florida seemed promising last January... none of the openings there panned out (or even existed!). 2005 was different things to different people, especially for those in New Orleans! As for myself, 2005 was defined simply as: "New Yo...

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