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Grabow's Ramblings From 2006

2006: A new dawn POSTED JAN 16, 2006
I intend to make this a very active year. I've almost cleaned up the messes from 2004/2005 and now want to make up the time. First things first... EG2006 isn't done yet. I've begun using Flash for navigation, and that top menu needs to be souped up (doesn't it look like it was designed to have more features?), a similar NAVbar will also be placed on EG Main (where the top bar doesn't appear). Besides Flash, I will also be transitioning to Dreamweaver (finally!!) and expand my efforts to use c...

BreadMeter by March 1st? POSTED FEB 24, 2006
I've spent the past few weeks getting program #3 ready for launch. Version BETA 12 is replacing Buxx LE on my own computer ("Buxx" was the original name for the program). I'm now adding the finishing touches, shaking out the bugs, and writing the manual. Hopefully, the first public release will be next week, two weeks at the latest. BreadMeter version 1.0 will be the third of four programs in TermTable Suite 2006. Wake Up! Pro will be updated to version 2.1 and TermTable 1.0 will be wr...

BreadMeter is out! POSTED FEB 24, 2006
The money management part of TermTable was made available for download on Saturday. BreadMeter is simple money management software designed to help individuals keep track of the $$$ in their wallets, accounts, and so on.   You can keep track of account balances, how much money you spend a year on pizza, monthly payments, etc… If you liked Wake Up! Pro and KeyPrint, maybe you can cram another Ryan G program on your hard drive! Wake Up! Pro 2.1 and TermTable 1.0 will be relea...

Cell Phone long gone, soon the bills will be too... POSTED FEB 24, 2006
When the Stuff Page premiered on EG in February 2004, one of my first entries announced that I finally bought a cell phone. This past November, I (involuntarily) re-joined the no-cell-phone club, but decided to keep my old New York number alive since I was just starting to give out my new landline number here in Florida. My two-year contract is now up and the phone number will be no more... not that anyone has called it in two months! On top of that... Verizon Wireless started charging me an ext...

Four nights, four stations each POSTED MAR 14, 2006
Since the move, I've predicted that the 2006 DX season would be my most active in six years. Well, I think that this year has already claimed that title... by early March! Granted, premieres (first time catches with positive IDs) come easy right after a 1,100 mile move, but Florida is delivering them faster than I would have expected in another New York climate. In fact, the DX season hasn't even started yet... DX is typically dead up there, yet I'm already checking for trops and E-Skip regularl...

Satellite Page POSTED MAR 14, 2006
Following a little peer-pressure, I started my own MySpace page ( In my opinion, top-level-domain tops myspace page anyday, but I'm giving this a shot. In the spirit of "EG2", I've dubbed this EGs "Satellite Page" (EG-SP for short), though I'm not sure if I'll use it in the same way. For the moment, the content up on it is swiped from this page.

Dropping in on the Mike Chimeri Show POSTED MAR 30, 2006
This Wednesday, I'll be a guest on the Mike Chimeri Show on Webradio WCWP. This is part of my short visit to New York this week. The show will be on from Noon to 3pm EST. Call in... if you dare! Note: This could not be posted on EG SP because the MySpace server won't let me log in from New York! Sheesh.

Gulf Tropo RULES!!!!!!!!! POSTED APR 3, 2006
Furthest Tropo at this QTH...Broken three times in one night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I nearly fell out of my chair when a weak channel 54 IDed as "UPN New Orleans"! A mere 102 miles short of my Patchogue, NY Tropo record! (then throw in WAPT in Jackson, MS, only got enough for a tentative logging before it completely faded! Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!) Oh well, more where that came from hahahahaha! Tr 02 WESH Orlando, FL 167 04/03/06 4/3/06|00:30(p27) New QTH Record Tr 09 WFTV Orlando, FL ...

Logo Gallery maps overhauled POSTED MAY 2, 2006
To commemorate my return to the DXing scene, I've redesigned the maps for their 2006 update. Several improvements have been made to increase legibility, navigate, and allow logos from outside the continental U.S. (Puerto Rico has already been added). Offsets are now included on the maps and there are printable versions in addition to the normal "on-screen" ones. Channels 2 and 3 are done, 4-6 should be done within a couple of weeks. 7 will follow sometime this season and Latin American logos will be added. Logo Gallery

The Last Video Stuff: Life After Uhhh POSTED MAY 2, 2006
The reasons I created "Video Stuff" (originally approached as a weekly/bi-weekly production) aren't in place anymore. This would explain why the last ep. was almost a year ago! Nevertheless, I decided to close out the series with style. In VS #6 ("Maybe Next Time"), I said that I may have to move to Florida due to a snail-paced job search. Now that I'm in Florida and things couldn't be better... it's only appropriate that the series end on a happy note!!! Projects c...

Summer is here again POSTED MAY 25, 2006
June 21st... yeah, right. I'm already feelin' like summer. Heat, DX, and (almost) rain every day. Okay, maybe summer doesn't have the pizzazz it once had when I was out of class and could chill out for three months, but it remains my favorite season. Now all I need is for my roommate to turn down the AC, I love heat!

TermTable release goes "TBA" POSTED MAY 25, 2006
The scheduling application and main app of "TermTable Suite 2006" has been taken off the board for "stuff I'm gonna release in June." I've gotten a good deal of work done with it, but public release is still a long way off. I've lost the mood for programming, for now. Hey, there's been a lot of progress with the other programs since August, I guess I'm due for a breather. I was planning to stop and attend to other projects after releasing 1.0 and the Suite 2006 CD, anyway....

Happy Ionosphere Day! POSTED JUN 11, 2006
Exactly 10 years ago tonight and 1,100 miles from where I'm sitting now... I was blown out of my mind. On June 11, 1996, during prime time, I remember, WESH 02 became my first ever e-skip catch. This event is covered in my "How I Started DXing" article (DX Page) if you'd like to read up. The screenshot on the left, BTW, is from 5/4/00 (although I saw WESH from Patchogue, NY frequently... that was the only time I thought to tape it!). This is the first year I'm celebrating Io...

Houston... We Have eSkip (or... San Antonio... We Have eSkip) POSTED JUN 16, 2006
The ionosphere has broken it's silence and sent me some "DX" from "TX" (eer.. "Texas", not "Transmitter"). KIII and KCWX have become the latest loggings (~1,000 mi.), with KIII's distinctive "3" logo representing the shortest Es at this QTH so far. Everything went spanish-language after those two stations, so the path probably shifted south to Mexico. Had something IDed, or held a decent signal, Mexico may have become country #4. The logs and ...

Will build websites for food POSTED JUN 16, 2006
This week I confronted a bill that I can't pay on time. Uh Oh. Most of us have been in this situation before, most of us would rather not be. After looking through three months of my financial history, I determined that Waterman payed the bills just fine and keeps gas in the Supra well enough, but my paycheck stalls out at the food store (*caugh* Taco Bell *caugh*), and I haven't even paid for new hardware, car repairs, or "insurance doesn't cover this" doctor visits! Sigh, time for...

More from the old QTH v. new QTH file POSTED JUN 28, 2006
After 11 months in Fort Myers, FL, this new location is continuing its rampage on Patchogue's statistics... old Es targets have been caught via Tropo, and today's KYW and WTKR catches braught us to the flip-side of the equation... old NY Tropo becomes new FL E-skip! WCBS, a former local, was logged tentatively last year. April 3rd's WNPL catch came close to one of Patchogue's records, but until today they've all remained intact. But today, "Shortest E-Skip catch" fell to Fort Myers,...

More about TermTable POSTED JUL 9, 2006
I'm trying not to steer the ship into the iceberg, here. Of course, any die hard EG fans out there (pause to hear crickets... you hear someone in the audience cough) ... ahem... ANY DIE HARD EG FANS OUT THERE (huge applause) thank you thank you... know that I've been trying to unite my software under the TermTable program, a scheduling application designed for recurring tasks. When I began pursuing it, I looked for existing programs and actually didn't find anything with good recurring-task func...

One for every hour of the day POSTED JUL 9, 2006
24 years of Ryan G!Happy Birthday to Me! (<- me eating free at Iguana Mia... Yummy!)

Your AVCA fixx... now in one handy database POSTED JUL 21, 2006
From the beginning, the Audio/Video Component Archive has been a hit. The archive was built with trend-tracking in mind (like how much the price of CD players has fallen since 1983, for example) at the model-by-model level. The most popular use of it, apparently, is looking up info for current eBay auction items. Users occasionally toss me some info that's not already up. Originally a handful of HTML pages, then Excel spreadsheets... the AVCA is switching to a flexible MySQL database. The...

Taking care of business at job #7 POSTED JUL 28, 2006
JobFind '06 ended yesterday at a local Office Depot. While I can't say I'm looking forward to the combined hours (14 hours a day!), being able to chip away at my credit card balance with rockets rather than BB shells will be a good moment. Once the credit card is back in order (3 months???), I can have a savings account for the first time since 2003. I also plan to start tithing at church. For the moment, I have to put off editing "Celebration Under the Silverdome" on Mondays. E...

Free time at it's lowest point since Fall '02, but coming back (slowly) POSTED AUG 21, 2006
Until last week, my bank account was in agony... I had to put even food on the credit card to avoid bouncing checks. How ironic it is that now I have the $$$ to pay my bills on time, but not the 5 minutes it takes to send the checks! Spare time hasn't been this low since I was a FT college student with FT and PT jobs, president of one campus organization, a member of another, and trying to maintain membership in third. Office Depot hours are being cut back with it's store-remodeling-30-hours-...

TermTable Suite project dropped POSTED SEP 14, 2006
As soon as I took on programming as a hobby in 2003, I began searching for program ideas. A little slow at first, several came to me by the end of that year and I was soon entertaining the idea of making my own "suite" of programs (kinda like MS Office or Adobe). Wake Up! Pro and KeyPrint got off the ground nicely, but time constraints prevented me from getting too far with PlayEmit, MikeMark, and the half-dozen other programs I had on the drawing board. Most were dropped, Brea...

EG2007 Plans POSTED OCT 23, 2006
Ahhh... fall. Leaves falling, temperatures cooling... (oh yeah, this is Florida). Well, it's still that special time of year where I take the existing look of, think "Man, I thought that looked good???", and proceed to totally re-write the laws of EG-Physics. EG2007 will inherit a lot of design from versions 6 and 6.5. Unfortunately, implementation of 6.5 was soon followed by fourth job (1= FT Waterman Broadcasting / 2= Office Depot / 3= Volunteer @ Church's media dept....

CynthIA's Back!!!! POSTED OCT 25, 2006
Since October 1st, I've been monitoring shortwave numbers stations again. OK, I haven't heard the E5 "CynthIA", just her Cuban sister (V2) on two daily schedules. Don't know what numbers stations are? Click here Think I'm crazy for listening to them? I know I am but what are you?

So long, Office Depot! POSTED OCT 30, 2006
The end of Job #7 is right on the horizon. Job #6... Waterman Broadcasting... is closing the income/expense gap on its own with a little help from overtime (OK, very little help from overtime right now... but A-Team starts in January!). I'm eager to return to the good 'ol 5am sleep sked, since that's quality internet/MySpace/Google/EG/Wiki time. 19 days and counting!

Working with the public: Series Finale POSTED NOV 24, 2006
Thousands of episodes, starting with Wendy's in Patchogue on March 1, 1999. Now with my career looking up and the financial crunch easing, I think I can safely bid customer service good riddance! Continuing with the TV-series analogy, let's review this epic era of my working life: Season 1 (3/1999 - 7/2000): Crew at Wendy's.  First real job.  Would you like to Biggie Size that?  What do you mean no?  Yeah, same to your mother! (ahhh.. New York) Used to allowance, my ne...

Let the coding begin POSTED DEC 16, 2006
Lots of PHP code, lots of graphics to make. Two weeks to 01/01!

The two-disc set POSTED DEC 16, 2006
In the last couple of years, there has been interest in my old video projects, such as "Behind The Static 2" and "Unbuilt Roads of Long Island". In January, I responded by creating the "Ryan Grabow Network: Volume 1" Video CD (I'll get a DVD burner someday, I promise) and now Volume 2 is available. Here is the current list of publicly available VCDs, available for the cost of burning and shipping: Ryan Grabow Network: Volume 1 (Video CD) California Trip (High...

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