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Grabow's Ramblings From 2010

'Dems 'da breaks POSTED JAN 1, 2010
After making it all the way to Phase 4 in the Marcher Lord Select contest , it seems that it wasn't to be. Oh well, it's in God's hands, and always has been. Thanks to everyone for their support. As before, I encourage everyone who likes the Creative Commons release to tell others about it, blog/review/mention/etc... I appreciate the word-of-mouth; after all, who can read a book they never heard of?

Welcome to shiny new version 28 POSTED JAN 1, 2010
The tenth major version (numbered 28) of launched at exactly midnight EST, January 1, 2010. This is the biggest change to the website in three years, the result of a good, long look at what worked/ what didn't in EG2007. One last-minute addition was made to version 28's objectives: no more links opening in new windows. The way some browsers treat these is annoying, and I don't want to annoy my visitors. If the link opens in the same window/tab, I trust you come back. Right? ...

I thought I was out... they pulled me back in! POSTED JAN 5, 2010
Last month, I deleted my MySpace account due to non-use . Part of that non-use was due to the fact that everyone moved to Facebook. That doesn't mean I intended to switch to Facebook... not until this week, anyway. The number of people I knew/ wanted to know there just went too high. So, now I have a Facebook. Here's a link (it falls under the NTC header, so there's also a link at the top of this page). Not everything is there yet, and unfortunately parts of the interface are incredibly slow...

Caffeine in book form[at]. POSTED JAN 12, 2010
Three months after Caffeine's original release , in "Printer Friendly" and "Text Only" versions, it is now available as a proper e-book. For now I'm calling it the "Novel Format." If anyone has a better name, please pass it on. I originally delayed this version because I didn't know what to do for graphics. I was about to leave on vacation and was unwilling to wait three weeks to get it out on the internet, so since the Printer and Text formats would be simpl...

Why I spelled Caffeine with two C's POSTED JAN 31, 2010
This week marked the conclusion of the online release of my novel, Caffeine, a process which began in mid-October and accelerated since the MLP contest ended. Although the original intention was to go the traditional route (agent/ print publisher), the list of people to send to was shorter than I thought, and their rejection letters shorter than I hoped. There's always more to do, of course, a list that never seems to end, filled with writers conferences, networking, rewrites, querying gimmi...

I lost eighty pounds in three weeks... POSTED FEB 12, 2010
...and all I had to do was chop my legs off! Oh, wait. Different kind of weight loss... Five years ago, with a move from New York to Florida becoming more and more likely, I sorted through everything I owned and tossed/gave away things I didn't need anymore. Such room cleaning went against my pack-rat nature, so the geek within devised a clever scheme to appease it (cue maniacal laughter), which I named "Project FireFolder" after the "Fire" folder on my hard drive. The sche...

Novel #2: Spilled Ink POSTED MAR 13, 2010
Next week I plan to begin the research/outline phase of my second novel, titled Spilled Ink. This will not be a sequel to Caffeine (I decided to leave that as a stand-alone novel) or even be in the same genre, though this story will similarly center around the nature of Christianity and be very mind-bendingly "deep." I have also set a zero-preachiness goal (a common complaint about Christian fiction), Lord help me to meet it. Caffeine was written over two years, consuming all of my...

Work on v28 continues POSTED APR 15, 2010
I'm back to work on, doing things left undone in January. Hopefully, everything will be finished within a few weeks. Most of it is small stuff. There's no flashing "TIS Alert" telling you that everything is changing around, because you won't notice half the changes. There are a few though: the DX/Radio pages were completely re-done last week, the Video Page is being built this week (replacing the "Media Page," and linking to the videos on YouTube), and th...

BTS now on YouTube POSTED APR 23, 2010
My work from college has returned to the internet, via YouTube. Years ago, I took everything except Behind The Static 2 down from because I was getting too close to my bandwidth limits. The remaining video had been available (10 minute version) in RealMedia format, which has since fallen far out of favor with me :) Last week, I finally decided to attach a Creative Commons license to the videos and release them on YouTube. They look better, are far more accessible, and leave m...

ManyBooks reaches 1K POSTED MAY 7, 2010
Less than four months after I posted Caffeine to , it yesterday saw its 1,000th download there. I pray that the book is a blessing to its readers, and that its popularity continues to pick up. Here's where the novel stands... ManyBooks: 1,003 downloads; 2 reviews Scribd: 740 pageviews (inc. Printable); no scribbles EGrabow HD: 280 downloads (estimated) Google Books: 162 pages viewed; no reviews Internet Archive: 23 downloads; no reviews While I'm eager to see the numb...

Rewriting History POSTED MAY 13, 2010
The last page of this website has been updated to version 28, which means I can now delete the old v27 graphics, etc. That page was, appropriately, the Site History Page, which I re-wrote while I was at it and split into two. The first page now covers everything through 2006, and the second goes up to this present day. Since new versions won't come out annually anymore, the second page doesn't organize the history by year. "Exhibits" have been reduced as well as the personal h...

Spilled Ink is on-schedule POSTED JUN 11, 2010
A while back, I set June as the month Spilled Ink would enter its writing phase. In spite of a complete change in its outline last month, I've prayerfully decided to go forward and begin typing my second novel in two weeks. As of now, I don't plan to give this novel the free-time monopoly Caffeine enjoyed. This is my (extremely tentative) estimated timeline, complete with computer-geek-inspired version numbers: June 2010: Begin Version 0 of manuscript. (pre-alpha) June 2011: Begin Versio...

Spilled Ink enters writing phase POSTED JUN 24, 2010
Tuesday was the official start of typing. Chapter one is underway, with a total of thirteen planned (that number is subject to change). After briefly considering another idea, I decided to keep "Spilled Ink" as this book's working title. The novel's page on this site will soon be activated, though I doubt I'll start posting progress reports until I'm well into the project. Already, I feel excited again. Writing my first novel was a rewarding experience that I look forward to repea...

Top Movies List POSTED JUL 9, 2010
As promised on the What I'm Watching Page , this month I've posted my first "All-Time Top 10 Movies" list. As with the TV Shows and Novels, I made a list of what I'd liked and attempted to rank them. The criteria are completely subjective and there are always a few surprises. The TV List, updated annually since 2006, was updated again for July. I couldn't nominate anything new for the Novels list, so it wasn't updated this year. There were some nominees for the "All-Time Top 30...

"LDing" to replace "DXing"? POSTED JUL 30, 2010
It's now been two years since I closed the logbook and bid my childhood radio hobby farewell. Though I encounter the occassional pang of nostalgia, I still haven't been tempted to plug in the converter box and start a new ATSC (digital) logbook. AM BCB DXing, shortwave, and VHF/UHF scanning are similarly non-existant. My feelings on this are mixed, because DXing feels like it should belong in the past, but I still haven't filled the activity-gap it left. Since my writing career (yes, I'm star...

Giving up soda (and may the Lord have mercy on my soul) POSTED SEP 14, 2010
Few days have passed in the last 15+ years where I haven't drank a Coca Cola, Mountain Dew, Root Beer, or other soda, with at least one meal. I remember coming home from the store when I was a kid and eagerly opening up the first can. When I moved to Florida, I chose to shop at Winn Dixie because they had the best variety of generic soda (and because my old Waldbaums card worked there). Soda even held influence on my first novel , appropriately titled "Caffeine." This tradition ends tomor...

Spilled Ink by any other name... POSTED SEP 23, 2010
I'm now three months into the writing phase of Spilled Ink . I've noted many similarities to and differences from the writing process of Caffeine . Some things are coming easier to me, and some things I feel like I'm learning all over again. The writing got bogged down and I realized there were some weaknesses in the outline (multiple characters filling the same roles, for instance), so Spilled Ink has seen some changes. Among these changes is the title. This month, I decided to change the wo...

That Day is here POSTED SEP 30, 2010
Today marks one year since I finished the final draft of Caffeine . Two weeks later, it was published to and began its spread to other sites. To date, my first novel has been viewed or downloaded over 3,500 times (mostly through ManyBooks), though reviews remain elusive and efforts to find a traditional publisher have stalled. I'll be addressing the latter problem in a few weeks. Proud of finishing the project, I made September 30th a personal holiday (joining three others). W...

10 Years Behind the Wheel POSTED OCT 23, 2010
October 23, 2000 was the day I passed my road test in Patchogue, NY. The road geek within me rejoiced, and I immediately began exploring places all over the map (by that time, I certainly had many). I no longer had to convince mom and dad to try a different route, or to go somewhere just because it caught my interest. Mini road trips were frequent in late 2000. I decided to celebrate this tenth anniversary the same way I celebrated that first day: by finding a place I'd never been to before a...

Trip pictures posted POSTED OCT 25, 2010
Link to Blacktop Classic 2010 I've also reposted last year's Blacktop Classic 2009

November Traffic: Wow! POSTED DEC 1, 2010
The downloads of my novel, Caffeine, have jumped up impressively this month. In fact, about 44% of all downloads on have been in the past month. I've been finding more places to list the book and thinking of ways to tweak the Caffeine page ; with the Lord's blessing, it seems I did something right. I'm also hoping that word-of-mouth is picking up. Since October 8, 2009, Caffeine has been viewed or downloaded over 6,200 times. Some surprises: has surged ahead of Manyboo...

Sent from my Android phone POSTED DEC 26, 2010
I hope everyone had a merry Christmas. I'm typing this on my new HTC G2 which means, yes, your humble webmaster has joined the smartphone revolution. As I name all my computers after their processor speeds (EG750 = laptop, EG2400 = main desktop), this mini-computer-which-also-does-phone-stuff shall officially be the EG800. This phone is essentially a replacement for my failing PDA, out of service since February. Moreso than the old Sharp Wizard, though, this thing is expandable. As I'd co...

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