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Grabow's Ramblings From 2013

The Next Big Update POSTED JAN 22, 2013
I'm prepared to announce the first redesign of this website since 1/1/2010 (the last of the annual "New Year's Upgrades"). The goals, as always, are lofty. The date however is far off: July 10, 2015. This will almost coincide with the 10th anniversary of my move to Florida, and allow me to shift to newer software and equipment as my student loans start to get paid off. 2015 should also see the completion of the HTML5 standard , which will be a perfectly good excuse for me to finally start learni...

At Last, An Excuse to Learn Spanish POSTED FEB 10, 2013
I've decided to add the AM band to my TV DXing hobby. Suffice it to say that spanish-language targets are numerous here in Florida, among both domestic stations and latin american targets. (Cuba is extremely active. They try to drown out Miami stations.) After more than a decade of on-again off-again language learning I finally have a solid motivation. It'll be a lot easier to put radio stations in the logbook, after all, if I understand what they're saying. :) I did make a few casual cat...

Into the Long Term POSTED MAR 11, 2013
It's been fourteen months since Caffeine's commercial release, and over three years since its original release here on The energy of the promotional flurry: making the YouTube trailer , appearing on guest blogs , running ads on Google, etc. has long transitioned to a fresh writing stage. The Day The Rain Came Back is full steam ahead, but I thought I'd take a moment to see where my first novel stands here in 2013. Between EG, ManyBooks, and the Internet Archive, Caffeine's...

Progress during April POSTED MAY 5, 2013
The Day The Rain Came Back has a decent homepage now . Let the progress reports begin. For updates you can follow me on Facebook .

Road Work Complete POSTED MAY 20, 2013
I gave the Exit 9 Page a long overdue update this week. This would be the highway themed page linking to my favorite sites on the internet. Links change, I discover new sites and sometimes they go away. I should really update this page more than once every three years. :) 2013 brings many new links to the page, each with their own "interchange" number. Here are some of the highlights: [Link 3] 3 Count Radio: Wrestling & Shenanigans A wrestling podcast a few of my co-workers do...

Progress during May POSTED JUN 3, 2013
It's been one year since The Day The Rain Came Back entered its writing phase. I'd hoped to be done with the first draft by now, so clearly I have a lot of catching up to do. My pace has already accelerated nicely over the last six weeks or so. Now I just need to keep it up. (Posting these progress reports is of course an incentive.) For updates you can follow me on Facebook .

The Medium Wave Band POSTED JUN 13, 2013
As announced , I officially began DXing the AM Band (Medium Wave) on June 11. This was the 17th anniversary of my first TV e-skip catch in New York, my own DXing holiday if you will. Summer is not the best season for MW DX, but this way I can get the low hanging fruit out of the way before things pick up in the winter. Here's some low hanging fruit now: #1 WFED 1500 Washington DC 904mi #2 WLAC 1510 Nashville, TN 728mi #3 ZNS-1 1540 Nassau, Bahamas 302mi #4 WCBS 880 New York, NY 1089mi #5 ...

Export to Wiki POSTED JUN 15, 2013
The Audio/Video Component Archive returned to two years ago mainly to boost my search engine ranking and - indirectly - deliver more readers to my novel, Caffeine . As before, I enjoyed working on it. It gave me something to do with my stacks of old Crutchfield catalogs and also the joy of tinkering with an ever-expanding database. Now with my DX hobby expanding and momentum picking up on my second novel, The Day The Rain Came Back , the AVCA is going to be sidetracked again. Fin...

Progress during June POSTED JUL 2, 2013
I finished polishing the first 5 chapters just in time for the end of the month. From these I've began handing out test copies to people who've read my first novel, Caffeine. My plan now is to write the rest of part one as soon as I can, without worrying about polishing it for others to read. This will add dramatically to the "RAW" number in next month's report, while "B Draft" doesn't increase anymore for a while. For updates you can follow me on Facebook .

Attenuated POSTED JUL 3, 2013
Welcome to version 28.8. There were only a few days of planning and accordingly few changes: primarily the titles in the top navigation bar. This blog is now labeled "ramblings", for instance, and all the labels follow a loose theme. This is a change I was planning for 2015, but decided to go ahead with now. Last month I announced the Audio/Video Component Archive is going away (again) , and sure enough it is gone from the navigation bar. My method of phasing it out, unfortunatel...

Life in a Free Country POSTED JUL 4, 2013
No sidewalks, but no complaints. My mother always worried about me taking late night walks, but she never expected this. They began when I lived in North Massapequa, NY. My dad moved my sister and I there in 2003, ten years ago this month. The neighborhood was large and much more tranquil than Patchogue had been. I could make a different path through its streets, long or short, each night and it'd never get old. I decided to start a walking regimen because my weight was becoming a pr...

Problematic POSTED JUL 18, 2013
I had lower expectations for digital TV than analog, but I hoped to see something by now. I'm not referring to tropo, which has actually been pretty good, but to e-skip. The season for this mode of TV DX is more than half over. There was a slow start reported throughout the US, but it's been picking up. Even my fellow Floridians are reporting catches. In spite of heavy monitoring here, though, I don't have a single thing to log. As I live in an apartment now the setup is less than ideal. I ha...

Progress during July POSTED AUG 6, 2013
I tried to write as much as I could this month. Though there were a couple of distractions I think I did pretty well, adding over 10K words. I'm now in the first scene of chapter eight. Perhaps I'll be done with part one (the first ten chapters) by the end of September. For updates you can follow me on Facebook .

88-108 POSTED SEP 19, 2013
My DXing hobby is expanding into the FM radio band. Whereas I "came back" to TV and AM DXing, FM will be an entirely new band for me. To commemorate this decision I bought a 6-Element FM yagi, pictured in my bedroom (along with a counterweight on the back to prevent its PVC mast from sagging). This is the first yagi I've owned since moving to Florida. Unfortunately it will not be going outside as I live in an apartment, and it's not lanai-friendly like the CM4228 I bought last year for...

Progress during September POSTED OCT 8, 2013
The first of three parts is complete. As I'll be going on vacation soon I've decided to wait to begin part two (though I'll still work on the outline). Momentum keeps building and I'm more and more convinced of the strength of this story. To see what few details I've released, see my page for The Day The Rain Came Back . Part two (chapters 11-20) should be well underway by the end of the year. My current goal is to be done with "draft zero" by early July, then the official first draft...

My Longest Billing Cycle POSTED OCT 15, 2013
I moved from New York over eight years ago. The bank account was transferred, cell number replaced, moving expenses paid off, last state income tax form sent (the first time NY gave me a refund) and so on. Most of my financial links to New York were dissolved by mid-2006, but one of its legacies still stubbornly persists: the student loan debt I acquired there. Like all middle-class college graduates I look forward to the day the payments end. And November 2014 isn't as far away as it used to be...

My DX clips now on YouTube POSTED DEC 18, 2013
During my short-lived retirement from DXing, just before the digital transition, I edited together my VHS recordings from New York (1996-2005) and Florida (2005-2008) and burned them to DVD. This weekend I went ahead and uploaded them to YouTube for all to enjoy: The videos are widescreen. You'll notice I used the extra space to include information about the catch and a map on the side of the screen. I'd also made vid...

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