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Grabow's Ramblings From 2012

2012 Rescan POSTED JAN 10, 2012
The last time I did a comprehensive update on my local AM/FM/TV lists was 2006. I'd just settled after the move to NY and was again an active DXer. I was also still trying to create a regular shortwave listening schedule. Now, NY is out of the rear view mirror, DXing is dormant again, and everything good on shortwave has decided to stream online instead. 2006's lists just don't apply anymore. Of course, media changes quickly. The forced switch to digital TV occured in 2009 and I've had to loo...

Freedom is not some game that can be won POSTED JAN 18, 2012
This message appeared on all pages on 1/18/12: I've suspended service on until Thursday. Thousands of websites, most notably Wikipedia, are blacked out today in protest of two bills being considered in Washington: The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). Before I apologize for the inconvenience, I offer you one thought: What if some conglomerate can shut down your favorite websites, including this one, over vague accusations and without due ...

This logo is for keeps POSTED MAR 18, 2012
I present the new logo for It will be rolled out with version 28.5 of this website, March 31. The outgoing logo was rolled out in 2009, replacing 2005's, which itself replaced the original 2001. Each were meant to go four years before being changed again. This four-year mandate then became one of my cancelled policies later that year . I still like the 2009 logo and decided to change it to something I could use indefinitely. As you can see, there was much I kept. The 2012 ...

On Your Phone POSTED APR 1, 2012
Welcome to the new version 28.5. Okay, most of today's changes were cosmetic, but there is some more tweaking planned during April. This blog now has its own button on the top, and the Video page is also back on there. Removed were my Wake Up! Pro page, which I'm trying to phase out, and EG Prime, which was redundant. Clicking on the new "EGrabow HD" logo will take you there. If you're scrolling all over the place on your phone screen to check out the changes, I've got good ne...

Mmmm... PHP POSTED APR 17, 2012
In the wake of version 28.5's launch (on March 31), I've been continuing to work on the site. When I get started I have to force myself to stop, and it looks like that time has come. Here's what has changed during this month: The original traffic counter from version 28.0 has been revamped. Some of the links on the TIS Page were getting stuck in place among other problems. The new system is more reliable. The Audio/Video Component Archive has undergone some improvements behind-the-...

Nothing like a fresh canvas POSTED MAY 23, 2012
This last year has been an eventful one for my first novel . There were a lot of new edits ahead of its November re-release, then supplimentary material to support the commercial Splashdown version: three features for other people's blogs , the trailer on YouTube , and even "director's commentary" that I hope to release in the future (for the novel, I mean, not its trailer). Finally, there is the film treatment in progress. With the Lord's blessing, Caffeine will have a movie based o...

Opening Ceremonies POSTED JUN 5, 2012
London is certainly indulging itself in 2012. The ol' queen turns 60 (or maybe that was her reign) and then they'll have the Olympics in a few months. Union Jacks galore! Here across the pond I had my own little opening ceremony. Today I began the writing process for my second novel, The Day The Rain Came Back. Hopefully I will have a completed first draft by the end of 2012, and I plan to have a progress bar up well before that (tracking first draft, then revisions). The outline still has ho...

30 Years of Ryan G POSTED JUL 9, 2012
Today I cross into the next decade of my life: my thirties. I haven't made the fanfare on this site I did when I turned 25... maybe I'll do that again at 50. But this birthday at least earns a blog post. So what can I say about my twenties? It's the decade I wrote Wake Up! Pro. It's the decade I graduated college and moved to Florida to start my career. It's the decade I was inspired to write my first novel, then to start another. My address changed four times, my phone number twice, and ...

Onward Into Digital POSTED AUG 8, 2012
I knew that even after I stopped DXing the hobby would stick with me. 2008 was my last season logging distant TV stations, the year before the FCC snuffed out America's analog signals. At the time I wasn't interested in DXing the new digital system, and along with a few other reasons I decided to have a grand finale and bow out . Now it's been four years and my disdain for DTV has cooled into a grudging respect. I've tried to pick up other hobbies to fill the void, but I just couldn't stay a...

Listing Coming Now POSTED AUG 18, 2012
Two-year gap aside, the Audio/Video Component Archive is this website's oldest feature. Numerous short listings were created for model numbers back in 2000, and carried over when the AVCA changed formats and ultimately went to a true database in 2006. The more popular listings were expanded and redone many times over this period, while obscure stragglers weren't touched. Until this week there were many entries not linked to others, little-to-no info or even a year listed, some bearing a &qu...

Dragon*Con POSTED SEP 4, 2012
Thanks to my publisher, Grace (pictured with me), I had the opportunity to attend Dragon*Con this year. Simply put, this is a large sci-fi/fantasy convention held each year in Atlanta. In fact, it's many conventions rolled into one, including horror, anime, real-life science, and even "skepticism" (we backward religious folk know what that translates to). I'm not sure if skepticism is a genre of fiction now or what, but I did note that religious work was almost completely unrepres...

When I first got my driver's license I quickly made a tradition out of road trips, long and short. I lived on Long Island back then, and any crossing into New York City meant a long trip: not stopping until I got to Florida (I certainly wasn't stopping in the city, LOL). For these long interstate trips I adopted the title RRR&R: "Roads, Rest, Radio & Relaxation." Yes, Radio. I loved scanning the Radio and TV stations of other cities when my parents drove me through them. Now that...

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