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Grabow's Ramblings From 2008

2007: A Year in Review POSTED JAN 4, 2008
The final 25 Years of Ryan G article has been published.

Vroom Vroooom! POSTED JAN 8, 2008
Another year, another set of modifications. Version 8 "EG V8" is, for the most part, up and running. There aren't many design changes from EG2007, except for the NAVigation bar at the top of the screen, because I thought things worked smoothly in version 7. Many of the changes were simple code cleanup and paving the way for features I want to build into the website early this year: Head graphic animations "EXIT 9 " links will become dynamic. The page will be re-desi...

Et Tu, CompUSA? POSTED FEB 18, 2008
Just as I was about to lament the closing of CompUSA (the store in Fort Myers will be among the last to close - the only decent computer store in the area), I found out that the company got bought out and our store will reopen next month. So, I still get to but stuff megacheap at their liquidation and the store won't even go away. I was wondering how a computer store could go bankrupt in this day of age. Mind you, this isn't doing my credit card any favors. So far, I've picked up a wireless c...

Reading is fundamental POSTED FEB 18, 2008
Happy February, all. There are still a few loose ends on EG2008 that have been slow in getting resolved: EG Main, Plaza/Retro Modes, some graphics, EXIT 9 and a new random feature. "The book," as I'll call it for now, has been taking the lion's share of my time. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this project turns out, seeking the Lord's guidance every step of the way. So far, I'm only releasing this much on the website: it's a novel targeting the philosophical science fantas...

Progress during March POSTED MAR 28, 2008
Since writing the novel is taking up a lot of my attention that would be going to my website (where I'm not letting myself post much about it yet, unfortunately). I decided to start posting periodic progress reports. At this point, I'm in the middle of chapter 6 and I've laid out 17 chapters - the blurry parts of the diagram indicate chapters I haven't determined much about yet. Everything is still subject to change. RAW is the story as it comes out of my head: placeholders, misspellings ...

Resistance is futile POSTED APR 19, 2008
It's no secret that, over the last century, radio and TV have played a huge role in the global culture. The United States (insert waving American flag here) pretty much led the way in developing the technology and bringing it to the world, with media's enlarging scope making it more democratic. Now... the U.S. is leading the way into digital television and democracy has nothing to do with it. Anyone who's been to an electronics store in the last several years has probably seen the promoti...

Progress during April POSTED APR 24, 2008
Chapters 6 and 7 ended up being longer than I anticipated, but now I don't feel so bad for them taking so long. I've tweaked my technique over the past two weeks and my writing speed has already shot up. It turns out that the public library is not only a good place to read, but to write; I've also tried switching to daytime hours and using break-time at work. I'm focusing on just getting the story down on paper (the 'RAW' version); there won't be any more 'BETA' versions, since they've alrea...

College +4 POSTED MAY 9, 2008
Today marked the four-year anniversary of my graduation from college. I still remember the odd feeling of not being a student, not going to classes or internships, not planning what classes I'd take or preparing for them. In theory at least, the only thing I would have to leave the house for was work. Heck, I could've stayed and earned a second Bachelors Degree by now! Oh well. According to my original (and optimistic, it seems) post-graduation plan: by mid-2008 I was to have been working in ...

Progress during May POSTED MAY 24, 2008
I've picked up some more momentum this past month. Chapter 8 came out longer than I anticipated, just shy of tying chapter 7's record length. I expect to be done with the "middle" of the book in two or three weeks.

Season 2K8 POSTED JUN 11, 2008
My DXing hobby has come a long way since its '99/'00 peak. Back then, I lived in New York, was finishing High School, and had a largely-unobtrusive part-time job (Wendy's)... probably didn't hurt that it was the high point of a sunspot cycle. I had just joined the Worldwide TV-FM DX Association and was at my most active point in TV DXing, my shortwave radio was brand new and I discovered "numbers stations", I just got my third scanner was even AM DXing enough to count in my logbook, ...

Some updates postponed until '09 POSTED JUN 17, 2008
Only 6.5 months from a planned major reworking of, I've been asking myself if I should take a week or two off from writing the novel and finish implimenting EGv8 (from this past January). I've decided now that my energy will stay on the book and whatever I haven't already done for version 8 will instead be considered for version 9. EXIT 9 repaving, something I hoped to do in the spring, will be done in the fall or next year instead.

Progress during June POSTED JUN 25, 2008
I can almost see the finish line!

What I'm Watching POSTED JUL 23, 2008
For the last eighteen months, through the initial stages of writing my own book, I've become increasingly interested in knowing why I like the fiction I do: not just novels, which I'm still fairly new with, but also my longtime TV and movie viewing habits. One of the things that came out of this was "top" lists for TV shows: simply identifying and ranking my favorites. For television, I made the first list in 2006 and it's been updated since. Here is what I've dubbed the official 20...

Progress during July POSTED JUL 31, 2008
Praise the Lord! It looks like the book will be done within two weeks (during my week off). I just began the final chapter, I expect this to be the last progress report before the whole novel is typed out. During my week off, I will transition into the editing process and begin on the First Draft - note that sections in chapters 1 and 2 aren't considered First Draft anymore. I'm so psyched knowing that it will be done soon. Reaching the 100K line, this is definitely the longest writing pr...

Fort Myers Tropo DX Record Broken! (28 months ago) POSTED AUG 11, 2008
The early morning hours of April 3rd, 2006 were the beginning of a week of the best tropo I've seen in my three years in Fort Myers. Though my farthest catch that night didn't break my all-time record, April 3rd was notable for how many times Fort Myers' record was broken in a short amount of time. The initial record, WTSP 10 at 124 miles, was a sitting duck for the first serious opening that year; at 12:30 the first logs were recorded and WESH 02 stole the record at 167 miles; then the opening ...

Progress During... whoa? what?... DIRECTOR! POSTED AUG 15, 2008
I'm pleased to announce that, on my third anniversary working for Waterman Broadcasting, I have been promoted to the position of Director. It's a answer to my prayers. The catch: Morningside director. Now a week-long vacation I'd been using on writing is also being used to try to get used to waking up early. Aside from the unfriendly hours, I look forward to seeing where this goes. It seems I can put off this winter's job search. Oh, right, the novel was finished on Wednesday... coming in ...

Wildwood Fading POSTED AUG 16, 2008
This month, I say goodbye to one of my most cherished hobbies: TV DXing. It started with me as it did for many younger DXers: I was raised without cable. Add to this a little curiosity about why channels 2-6 are a garbled mess some days in the summer and why the ABC affiliate 400 miles away came came in crystal clear last night and -PRESTO!- casual TV DXer. When the casual DXer starts a logbook, readies his VCR and DX-only tape, and joins a club called the Worldwide TV-FM DX Association... t...

Editing: 26.6% complete POSTED SEP 27, 2008
Hello again. I'm happy to say that the once-too-short chapter 5 has grown from 3,000 to 5,800 words. With that, I've finished editing the first of the novel's three sections... 26.6% of the total word count (probably closer to 24% when I'm done with all the chapters). I'm almost through the sections I flagged for heavy-editing... the ones that I wrote in my less experienced days (mere months ago) and that I now decided needed new content. Hopefully, chapters 7 and up will need less work and ...

One year ago today... POSTED OCT 23, 2008
It was October 23rd last year when I typed the first words of my novel. To celebrate (to say nothing of the fact that it's Asphalt Day), here's a progress report: I'm past the 40% mark... still trying to hold strong momentum with less time for the project. I'm planning on a strong enough November to wrap-up the First Draft by the second week of December. Between that and starting the Second Draft, I'll do some unrelated work on this website (first time in a long time!).

Time to take an un-break POSTED DEC 23, 2008
I'm thrilled to announce that the first draft of my novel is complete and in the hands of test-readers... who will tell me why it's horrible (kidding, I hope). So in the meantime I'm taking a much-needed un-break from the editing process, which is good for both the book and it's author. Why an un-break? Because I have a website to work on, of course! I don't even know how to take a regular break. The HD campaign on this website is in full swing as of today. I've updated the DTV Answers P...

What I'm Watching POSTED DEC 24, 2008
During 2008, having started "Top TV Shows" lists already and becoming more interested in knowing my own TV/Movie/Novel interests, I tried to search out shows that might make the Top 15 list. Also, I went through the lists on Wikipedia to find show names that seemed familiar: the stuff I watched when I was in my pre-anime days (mostly cartoons and sitcoms). After all this, I decided to update the list before the end of the year, here's where I stand: Dec. 2008 All-Time Top ...

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